Hi Steve,

This will be a brief email (just to get things rolling ;-) ).

I made some improvements (and will be making more soon).

I am willing to send patches if you are interested. Some are obvious, some can be against the goals you outlined in the README "Overview" section.

I want to use Slaughter in our university. We are using perl everywhere we can, that is my motivation here.

  1. No real modification was necessary as one can easily embed password in the url. Maybe it is worth noting in the docs, if someone wants to password protect Slaughter operations.

  2. I added certificate checks when using https. Newer (wheezy) libwww-perl supports this. And also some code is in place to check if libwww-perl is recent enough to use this feature.

  3. I have some small fixes like replacing the UA string. Something related to the debian build process.

  4. I am also exploring options how to make the "library" part of slaughter distributable/updateable by the server. (I did not found this out yet.) I want to make some methods also available for freebsd and openbsd.

Tell me if you are interested!

cstamas at ppke.hu


I contacted him with the form on his website. I got a message back fast.
So far so good! Sending patches now...

URL to slaughter

This is the thing what I talk about: http://www.steve.org.uk/Software/slaughter/